Today I will share with you one of my favourite treats.
The chocolate chips cookies, gluten and butter free.
You will need differnt type of gluten free flours but it’s the better way to have a natural taste, due also to the coconut oil that helps to keep them light.
If you don’t have all the flours, or you prefer use somethhing else just change, but keep the proportions.
These cookies are really easy to make, cruchy outside and soft inside.


1/2 C Almond Flour
3/4 C Rice Flour
1/4 C Tapioca Starch
1/4 C Buckwheat Flour
1/4 C Corn Flour
Salt, vanilla
1 Tsp Backing soda
1 Tsp Backing powder
1/2 C Melted coconut oil*
3/4 C Brown sugar (or coconut sugar )
1/4 C Any no-dairy warm Milk (my favourite is Rice&Coconut )
1 C Vegan chocolate chips   **
1/2 Gluten free oats (optional)

*I suggest you to don’t use another type of oil
** If you don’thave the vegan chocolate chips , zou could simply use a bitter chocolate bar and chop it. But remember to have a look in the ingredient’s list.


Preheat the oven to 175 degree.
Take two bowls.
In the first bowl mix all the flours, salt, vanilla powder, backing powder, backing soda and the oats (if you use them).
In the second bowl melt the sugar in the coconut oil and the milk. Pour it into the dry ingredients  and whisk with a spoon until everything is well mixed.
If you think the result is too sticky, put some more corn or almond flour(or oats).
Use a spoon to scoop out 2.5/ 3 cm pieces of cookie dough, form a ball using your hand, and gently press it on the top before put it on the backing sheet, and placing them 5 cm apart.
Place the backing sheet into the oven and bake for 10/15 minutes or until lightly brown.
The cookies are soft when come out of the oven but will become crunchy as they cool.
Enjoy. 🙂
If you tried this recipe or you have some question , please leave a comment below.


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